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Tempest Operational Tips & Tricks AKA FAQ Thread (Attention!!Read this first!!)

How to make OT recieve the Tís beat change (aka pattern change)?

I need to use Tís beat changes to send changes of OTís patterns, so that they can advance in a live jammed song together, automatically. (I will not make a song structure in advance)

I use T as rythms and as the masterclock/transport source for OT.

Can anyone please tell me if this is possible and if so, show me a guide?


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...My guess is something's going on with T's envelopes or voices..There's was a discussion about it in the old forum..The answer i got from DSI was "That's how analog works..." but i've played very fast other analog synths like Moog etc. and didn't got this behavior...Guess this inherited in the character of Tempest...

I am pretty sure the way Tempest works is that the internal sequencer is sending patch change data to each voice right before that voice is triggered. That's the only way you can get the 6 synth voices to support so many different sounds.

Because there are analog components, they can take some time to respond/reset/change, and their state as they change may be dependent on the values they held before the new patch was loaded, particularly things that "ring" like the feedback or resonant filter (see also: the clicking of DSI/Curtis analog oscillators when changing from low to high notes). The addition of slight attack ramps just buys the synth a few more milliseconds to reset/change.

I haven't tested it yet, but I'm pretty sure if you tried to get a monosynth such as a Moog Voyager or Mono Evolver to behave like a Tempest voice by firing patch changes right before the beat triggered, you'd get similar weirdness.

Personally what I love doing is sequencing an external sequencer. I use the Tempestís synth voice (after first recording a bass sequence on it) going midi out into my Moog Sub 37. The Moog is set up in sequencer mode and the Tempest is in playlist (aka song) mode so as the playlist is switching from beat to beat itís also changing the root note of the sequence on the Moog. This frees up one of my hands from having to do it thus it allows me to play another synth or guitar over top.
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