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Can I actually move my PROPHET 08 patches to a Tetra? Advantages? Drawbacks?

Hello Fellow Users!

I play a Prophet 08 in a touring band. We are trying to remove some weight from our traveling gear, so we are exploring leaving the PROPHET 08 we use and replace it with a TETRA + a midi controller. It's an investment, so I want to do this right.

I wish to know if it's a realistic move. I do not tweak parameters live, nor use any pedals. I just play the patches I have been developing on the Prophet 08.


1. Can I move my patches to the Tetra?
2. Will it sound the same? I only use one hand (my other hand plays a Nord) with maximum 4 fingers at the same time.
3. What drawbacks can I expect?

Thanks for your help everyone!
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I don't own a Tetra or Prophet-08, only a Mopho x4.... however my understanding is that it's the same voice architecture but the Tetra/Mopho has a sub oscillator.

Additionally, the Mopho/Tetra can't layer patches like the Prophet-08.

You might also want to compare the weight of the Mopho x4 versus the Prophet-08.

It might make sense unless you plan to control other modules with a controller keyboard.

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Additionally, the Mopho/Tetra can't layer patches like the Prophet-08.

The Tetra can layer patches, just like the Prophet 08. It will be compatible with your Prophet 08 patches, but just remember that your polyphony on layered patches will be 2 notes! A Prophet 08 module may be a better investment.
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To resurrect a dead thread... Just tried loading the 08 prophet 5 patches and while it looks like it's worked, the patches are silent. Am I doing something stupid?


The midi spec is different between mopho, tetra and prophet 08. If you have a mopho keyboard you can select 'dump to prophet 08/tetra/mopho' when dumping your patch/banks because it has to do conversion as some of the parameters in the midi sysex data is different. Also I think some NRPNs are different between them too.

Consider the Prophet as "patient zero". Because it was the first of the family, all of the Mopho/Tetra products will read Prophet programs natively. If you want to go in between the other instruments you have to dump in the destination instrument's specific format by selecting it from the Global menu.
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Thanks for the answers. I'm not sure really what to do in that case... sounds like it should just work in the Tetra, but there's no sound, even though the patch appears to have loaded.

It's no biggie - happy making my own - but just thought I'd have a look at others.

Is local control set to off by chance? If so, turn it on or perform a global parameters reset, located near the end of the global menu. You can reach us directly by writing us here: support (at) Prophet '08 programs should work on the Tetra.
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Thanks for the response, but that's not it I'm afraid. Local control is on.

As I said, it's no big issue. But thanks for coming back to me.

OK. Well it does work, so if you ever want to sort it out just contact us through support and we're happy to help.
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Righty... actually figured this out. Doesn't work with P8 patches when using the soundtower librarian - but it does work when using MIDI-OX. I'm sure this is obvious to others, but not to me!

Thanks again for the offer of support though!