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Dark Energy-Pro One cv/gate issue

Dark Energy-Pro One cv/gate issue
« on: February 05, 2018, 08:19:13 AM »
I'll start this off as I start nearly every post here, with the disclaimer that I'm a pretty low-tech fellow, despite sitting in a room full of gear that I use every day - bear with me!

I've got a Pro One hooked up to my Dark Energy synth via CV/Gate. The DE is meanwhile run via MIDI. This has worked fine, most of the time, with the Pro One playable from a master keyboard, or more likely being run off a MIDI track. Twice recently, though, the Pro One stopped re-triggering as it's meant to. The gate stays open. I really don't know what I did that solved the problem the first time.

I've noticed that the sequence/arpeggiator no longer seem to work, so maybe there's a glitch with the Pro One itself. 

If anyone has any insight or trouble-shooting ideas, I'd be much appreciative.


(Edit: I tried triggering the Pro One from a drum machine trigger out and no response there, so I'm thinking it's the Gate/Clock in gone wrong... )
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