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Looking for guidance, Rev2 amplifier envelope works differently... (SOLVED)

I'm not understanding how the amp envelope is behaving and I'll give you an example:

  • I start a new, basic program
  • Open filter all the way
  • On amp envelope I set attack, decay and release to zero and sustain to max.

On any other synth I've used the resulting behavior would be, if I hold a key on the keyboard at this point, the sound attacks instantly to full volume then sustains at full volume and then instantly ends when release the key.

On my Rev2 at this point, when I press a key I get a split second tone then, almost instantly down to zero volume. So, when holding a key, where I would expect infinite sound, I just get basically a click.

Is this how DSI intends this filter to work?
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Hello, and welcome.

It should indeed behave as you first describe. It does so on my REV2, resulting in a full ON sustained, full OFF gated sound.

You can perhaps try a few things:
Make sure you are running the latest firmware revision ( as of this writing).
Perform a full calibration by calling the calibration routine in the Globals menu.
If that doesn't fix it, perform a Globals Reset, to return all the synth to factory default.
Also make sure that no MIDI devices are connected to the synth when testing the envelope behavior, to eliminate a possible external source of the problem.

Hope this helps.

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It works as Alain explained and I cannot remember of any firmware where this didn't work. When you start the basic program the filter is completely open and the ADSR of the amp is 0 0 127 40. So you should at least immediately hear the sound as you describe except that there will be a little release. Can you confirm this without changing any parameter, just initializing the program (using the global menu or pressing Down-Up-HOLD)?
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Please check and recheck the pot mode global. Be sure to understand what your current pot mode setting does and check values on the display of the instrument to be sure the values are as intended.
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Well, it was my controller. I use an ASR-10 to control the Rev2 and I just swapped in my Keystep and it works fine with the Keystep.

So it's the MIDI that the ASR-10 is sending that is causing the issue. But very happy that it's not something wrong with my Rev2.

Thanks for your help.