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Rev2 Pro-Tip: Make your own personal Init Patch (and share your settings here!)

I've had this synth for about 2-3 months and one of the first things I started doing was creating my own personal init patches just to get me making music faster. I typically make a lot of patches from scratch so just having a few settings I used often set as defaults helped tremendously. I save this as the first patch of the first bank so it ends up being super easy to get to in a hurry.

I'd figure I'd share some of the settings I've altered for my initial patch and some of my motives for doing so. If you've done something similar share some of your settings here!

My Main Init:
- OSC Slop at 9 since I almost always like it a tad unstable.
- My second OSC (while still being off) is tuned to a 5th up since that's how I use it most often.
- Key Mode LastR
- Pitch Bend Range: 1 for subtle drifty bends
- My effect is saved as BBD delay to a time and feedback level I use most often. (its still off by default, just like the second OSC  but with a single press of a button I have the effect and settings I like to use most often.
-My LPF Decay is set to 64 (half) which does nothing at first, but as soon as I start to turn up env amount, it gives me a nice medium pluck that I can then shape further. By default the decay is a bit too snappy for me to use. A small change like this has made patching more enjoyable for me in the moment.

I have a few other more niche init "Patch Starters" as well.

Bass Init:
- OSC 1 + 2 note reset on (more consistent attack transient)
- OSC 2 a Tri SUB 2 octaves bellow.
- Unison mode is set to 4 voice stack (so as soon as I press unison, I have 4 stacked voices)
- High Pass Filter effect selected but off (which can be used as a bass boost or in general to shape interesting bass timbres)
- The high pass filter cutoff is mapped to the same envelope as the LPF. Funk anyone?
- Key Mode is Last without re-triggering for legato playing
-LPF decay modulated to the LPF envelope itself for a slightly differently shaped curve.

Pad Init:
- OSC Slop 15
- OSC 1 and 2 detuned by 6 cents from each other (+ and - 3)
- 2 pole filter selected and resonance half way up
- Chorus effect selected but off
- Here is a weird one for you guys. I have the Amplifier "ENV AMOUNT" all of the way down but mapped to the LPF Envelope. This now uses only the LFP ENV to control the filter cutoff and the volume of the patch. Kind of how a lot of vintage polys would have worked. I like this setting by default for pad sounds and its easy enough to undo if I ever wanted to.

SFX/Drum Init:
-Just a patch with no OSC turned on and the filter self oscillating and keytracked at 64. I use this one all of the time for drum sounds, zaps, thwaaps, FM sounds and synthesized kitty meows (

Anyways, I just figured I'd share some more ways I've made my Rev2 my own (aside from changing all of the knobs.)
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Thanks for sharing! Your main init patch is quite comparable to mine besides the fact that you have done additional "hidden" settings which can be fired easily when needed. This is a very helpful idea!
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Yes, thanks for sharing!  :D

Very helpful for a beginner like me!


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Good idea thanks :)  I've still not started to create my own patches yet, still having fun with the inbuilt ones!
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