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Prophet 6 midi troubleshooting in ableton live

Prophet 6 midi troubleshooting in ableton live
« on: December 02, 2017, 05:15:59 PM »
Hi guys. I am now a proud owner of this beautiful baby... YEAH!

Problem is, I am trying to work with it by using the usb interface with Ableton live 9. The sound works just fine and it can receive the notes but I can not write midi notes in a clip nor in the sequencer. I have followed various tutorials online to set up the external instrument but it doesn'' send midi informations at all. I also think that it is not possible for me to send basic ADSR infos.

Does anybody ever had the same issue before? If someone has a step by step technic I would glady take it. Also I would apreciate using it as a midi controler sometimes. I mean a 2500 synth can handle this right?

If my explanation is not clear enough, here is what I would like to acheive :

My configuration:
Windows 10
Ableton live 9.7.5 official
Soundcard (shite i know) Roland Quad Capture
Linked by usb on usb 2.0 port