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Dave Smith Instruments Glide/Portamento

Dave Smith Instruments Glide/Portamento
« on: September 30, 2017, 05:26:54 PM »
Dave Smith Instruments uses a unique type of glide or portamento.  In some ways, it's hard to understand it and be able to predict exactly how and when it will affect a moment of music.  This is true, no matter what Glide option is used.  It doesn't give you that smooth harmonious sweep from a low point to an upper chord, or vice versa.  The old Rolands were good for that effect.  Instead, the DSI glide is a much more complicated effect that gets entwined among the individual notes of a chord.  The chord doesn't move as a whole, but each note is affected differently.  It sounds more natural and less synthetic, almost like the subtle gliding that can be achieved on a string instrument; but again, it's more complicated as well.  I consider it a nuance, rather than a function.  I find that, if I'm going to use it in a piece of music, I have to rehearse it several times first and get familiar with it's character.  You can control it in a general way, but yet not entirely.  This improvisation is an example:
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Re: Dave Smith Instruments Glide/Portamento
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That's subtle glide application , but perfect.   I do like the ability to set different glide rates for each oscillator-like on PEK.
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