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Anyone use an external controller (stereo ping or BCR2K ) to control their Tetra

I love all of the possibilities of this synth, but I just can't get excited about using the sound tower editor. It's like I might as well be using a soft synth.

I was considering selling and just getting a prophet 08. I do like using the sub oscillators and feedback though. Any opinions?

I agree that any instrument that requires a computer to properly program is as good as a softsynth with a hardware dongle.  I don't need to boot a pc and enter a password to play a guitar, I don't want to do that to use a synth either.  I'm not so worried about needing a computer to program a controller, but that's not playing music, that's programming a device. [/rant]

I'm using a Bitstream 3x to control my Tetra.  It doesn't do 14bit MIDI so I've spread a few of parameters over two faders.  At first I thought it was going to be a pain, but it works better in some cases to have a separate controller  for the upper and lower ends of the parameter data.  Originally I was using a Remote Zero as it has eight 14bit capable encoders but didn't like having to change templates all the time due to it's limited number of controls.  24 vs 40 makes a big difference to logically assigning which parameters to which controllers.  Having LFO speed next to Cutoff because I need to put all the 14bit parameters next to each other doesn't lend to intuitive tweaking really.

I've just bought a BCR-2000 and thought about programming it to control the Tetra, but I've waiting for one at a good price since I read about Zaquencer and don't want to waste time programming another controller for a box I've already got covered, not to mention I really don't want to think about Tetra NRPN's again for awhile, heheh.
But that said, I've looked at it's programming software and it seems logical enough and actually a bit more sophisticated than that for the Bitstream and the Novation (which is actually a beta and not available from their regular downloads repository).  If this is your first time programming NRPN's it might be a bit daunting, but it's not hard to learn how it all works and then work out how the controller company has implemented the programming of NRPN data.


Yeah, get a controller and keep the Tetra.  It's a very nice machine.  The Prophet will take up too much space.

I actually have two BCR2000 to control my TETRA.This is very powerfull setup since you have real time control of all parameters in the TETRA when playing Layer A in front of you.ITīs like having the editor as hardware.  You can also split the two BCRs to control layer A and B at the same time or have the BCR to control all four voices when in multimode by “jumping” between the presets you have done on the controller(S).

Another cool controller is Doepfer Pocket control (Can also read 14 bit). It has 16 encoders but 4 pages. That gives you a total of 64 t real time controllers for the TETRA.  On top of that, you can find switches on the back to changes the layput of the controller. Unfortunately they are located on the back of the controller, but with a little bit of training you can changes to a new setup easily and give you 64 new controllers..The only bad news about this controller is that Doepfer is not producing them anymore, so Ebay is your best frind. You can also buy the Dopefer pocket control as DIY kit…I have both, and itīs a quite robust controller. The case is metal.