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As stated in the original post, I think the Rev2 has been given a much better treatment than the P'08 received because the Prophet 5 comparisons and expectations have long been forgotten. 

I first bought a P'08 in the significant year of 2008, and I can well recall the endless comments on all the forums about how well it could, or could not, emulate the P5.  It was the inescapable standard, and if the P'08 couldn't sufficiently meet that standard, then the instrument was loudly denounced.  Happily, it all meant nothing to me, because I had never player a P5. 

Now notice that there is no such standard for, and complaints about, the Rev2.  I don't believe I've seen a single comment comparing it with the P5.  At this point no one really cares; or else, they have the P6 to meet the old standard.  The Rev2 has had a fresh start from day one, and if there were any comparisons made, it was usually with the P'08.
Sequential Prophet-6 / Re: Clicking and Popping- Intermittent
« Last post by luke88 on Today at 12:04:11 PM »
yeah. unfortunately, none of these remedies work. I've tried everything. I simply can't modulate AMP with LFO with any of the LFO waveforms without clicks and pops. Why have it then? Weird. Even with Triangle selected as the LFO wavefrom, there is an initial pop. The others, REV SQ, SQ, SAW, and RANDOM all pop so much as to be unusable. Here I am a year later- and I still think there's something wrong with this. Other than this issue- it's an amazing piece of gear.
Iím not sure but it seems like it is done with physical switching jacks and not software.
Sequential Prophet-6 / Re: Transmit Sequencer data via MIDI out
« Last post by GOSYNTH on Today at 12:01:52 PM »
yes... waiting for years to have this finally done...

Yes I find this unbelievable. I just bought a prophet 6 in large part for it's simple arp and sequencer.  Finding out they don't send MIDI out is kind of a deal breaker.  I might return it.
Other Hardware/Software / Re: KORG Prologue
« Last post by Chimponaut on Today at 11:15:57 AM »
I've noticed that Sweetwater has your unit back on sale as a demo for $1799.99. "Demo" isn't the correct way to list this if it was malfunctioning as you say. Not too sure about them (sweetwater) now after this. Seems kind of shady on their part. Oh well.

They had that one available before I returned mine, though.

I take it back then. Thanks for letting me know.
Hope there will be a global settings feature to select between the current "alternate" output mode and a "fixed" mode which fixes all layer A sounds to output A and layer B to output B (16 voice polyphony) so that it is not needed to physically insert and remove jacks for the desired setup.
I am still exploring options here, and over the past few months, find myself increasingly using my Squarp Pyramid after initially having ignored it for the first few weeks after purchase (I could not get myself to go through the learning curve). But now: compact and easy to use.

Squarp keeps on updating the firmware and the device is getting better and better, yesterday the beta for V3.0 came out:
This device is now the heart of my set up, I have hooked things up pretty much like it is described in this video: I use a Motu MIDI interface instead, and have 1 MIDI controller going into the Squarp on which I can lay down patterns.
Prophet Rev2 / Re: Amazing presets for the rev2
« Last post by jg666 on Today at 05:58:23 AM »
I had the same problems with midi-ox when trying to load the GEO Synths patches. It would get so far and then stop and I'd have to do them in smaller batches for some reason.
I've ended up getting the Soundtower Editor as well and it's much easier moving patches around using that :)
Back when the Prophet '08 came out it was widely panned for its "harsh" sound. Yet 9 years later, the Rev2 is almost universally loved. What's the difference?

Maybe the difference simply is "9 years later"... given the popularity of prophet 08 people have had enough time and exposure to acclimatize to the sound and start to appreciate it. Taste evolves?

My Korg synth only shows the value once youv'e passed through the current value so I have to assume that this is fairly standard behaviour?

The Rev2 is the first synth that I've used where it even gives me an option of "pot mode". So I am thankful for that, but even if the way "passthru" works on the rev is standard, I'll still voice my recommendation on what could be changed.

I guess my idea is more along the lines of: As soon as you turn a knob in "passthru" mode, it behaves as if you are holding down the show button, until you turn to the passthru point and start changing the value. I think that would be pretty sweet :)
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