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Tempest Operational Tips & Tricks AKA FAQ Thread (Attention!!Read this first!!)

I couldnt find @idm's tip...on the sound design thread.

current hybrid setup

2 x CDJ 2000 NXS
Allen & Heath DB4
Allen Heath K2
Adam A7
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Hello everyone !

I am new to this forum and also a new Tempest user ! I love this machine but there is one thing that I cannot seem to work out...

Is it possible to change the root note that is produced when hitting a pad in the 16 Time steps mode?  For example, each time I hit a note on the sequencer it gives me a C5... Even though i changed the root note in the 16 tunings mode, it always gives that damn C5 in the 16 Time steps mode... Also I'm not sure where it could be changed in the system menu....

Pretty annoying if you want to tune your drums in lets say E.

It might be a dumb question... but anyway...hehe

Thanks a lot ! :)



Don't know why you ask this question in this topic? :) this topic is for giving tips.

Anyway, that is not possible. It always sends c5. You tune your drums via the pitch controls in the the oscillators ;). You can record in 16 tunings mode to record different pitches into the sequencer. Via the events screen you can edit pitches of recorded notes (upper right encoder).


Polymeters on Tempest:
OK, it might be a bit quirky, but it does work for some polymeters.

You can use other time signatures than 4/4 to get some polymeter action. Try using 12/16 @ 2 bars. You can now do 3 over 12 and 6 over 12 for instance.

It's pretty basic, but it does work :). I have not tried other combinations yet, but maybe 5/16 @ 8 bars could also work for instance. Programming sequences like this is pretty quirky though ;)

The basic idea is using other time signatures and programming 4/4 beats within them.
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      Tempest can only accept Midi CC messages on main MIDI channel as follows:
CC# 12 - Distortion
CC# 13 - Compression
CC# 19 - a value other than 0 reverts Beat FX params to defaults
CC# 20 - Beat FX All Osc Frequency
CC# 21 - Beat FX Feedback
CC# 22 - Beat FX Lowpass Filter Cutoff
CC# 23 - Beat FX Lowpass Filter Resonance
CC# 24 - Beat FX Lowpass Filter Audio Mod
CC# 25 - Beat FX Highpass Filter Cutoff
CC# 26 - Beat FX All Env Attack
CC# 27 - Beat FX All Env Decay

So is there no way to engage the roll or reverse function in 16 Beats via MIDI?