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OB-6 Unstable USB MIDI - not only Logic, Windows & Live also

I see there is another thread reporting midi problems over USB, but the title restricts it only to Logic.. I can confirm I have the exact same problems in Ableton Live (Windows), and even without Live, just monitoring the OB-6 from Windows (Midi-OX). Midi over USB constantly disconnects and reconnects. I can't use the OB6 Plug-SE at all
I'm on OS 1.2, with these settings: Midi Channel All, Param Xmit nr, Param Rcv nr, Midi Clock off, and Clock Port, Midi Sysex and Midi Out USB. I already uninstalled the OB6 midi driver from Windows, and reinstalled it by plugging the cable, but with no changes. If I use Midi ports instead of USB, it works OK.
I also have a P6, and Midi over USB works flawlessly, never had a single problem. Strange since I thought both keyboards would share the same USB Midi hardware..
I will use the Midi connectors in the meantime, but please DSI fix this since I need those PC Midi ports for my older gear without USB midi!
Thanks a lot!

Re: OB-6 Unstable USB MIDI - not only Logic, Windows & Live also
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2017, 03:53:37 AM »
TL;DR On your DAW, try offsetting MIDI output to OB-6 by a tiny ms amount - 0.25ms did the trick for me.

OB-6 desktop v1.2.0
DAW: Reaper 64bit v5.50reapre2
OS: Win 10 Pro 64bit

I contacted DSI support about this - I had also posted in the other thread (the one mostly referring to Logic)

Andy from DSI very quickly replied with a suggestion to "add a 1ms delay in Reaper on the MIDI output". I tried this with a .25ms delay and have had no problems so far. That is, on Reaper I went to Preferences > Audio > MIDI Devices, and on MIDI outputs I changed OB-6 "Offset output to this device by:" to 0.25ms.

Hope this helps.