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Newest Prophet Rev2 OS - v1.1.0.3

Newest Prophet Rev2 OS - v1.1.0.3
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:18:48 AM »
It is highly unlikely to incur data loss from an OS update attempt, but always better safe than sorry. Just remember, you're never going to say to yourself "Man, I wish I'd backed that up..."

The OS can be updated via USB or MIDI DIN.
We do not recommend using the following MIDI interfaces for SysEx transfers as we have had multiple users experience problems with them:
Native Instruments Maschine
Digidesign Mbox/Mbox2
Digidesign 001/002

Updating the Prophet Rev2 OS on a PC
Updating the Prophet Rev2 OS on a Mac

*Note: Prophet Rev2 can be updated via USB or MIDI DIN. The comments specific to Tempest in the above links do not apply.

To check if the OS update was properly installed, go to the Global menu by hitting the 'Global' button. The OS version is displayed in the bottom right corner.

If your OS load countdown doesn't complete:
  • Update your MIDI drivers for your MIDI interface to the latest or last known stable version
  • Try alternate speed settings: transfer speed settings as low as 25% and as high as 100% have worked for some users when 80% did not
  • Try an alternate MIDI interface. The M-Audio MIDI Sport Uno works well here and is relatively cheap
  • In Windows with MIDI OX on Windows XP: Try doubling or quadrupling the Size setting to start, and halving/doubling the number of buffers
  • Search google and/or forums for the company that produces your MIDI interface to see if other users are having similar problems with SysEx transfers and whether there is a solution specific to your interface
  • If you are on Windows XP, try another OS or machine. Although it's not ideal, we have had less problems with Mac OSX and Windows 7. Windows XP has known issues with SysEx transfers

Main OS
  • Bug Fix: additional voice stability improvements

Main OS
  • Bug Fix: additional voice stability improvements

Main OS
  • Bug Fix: additional voice stability improvements
**NOTE: You must recalibrate the oscillators and filters after installing OS**

Main OS
  • Bug Fix: Local off, sustain pedal messages not transmitted to MIDI out
  • Bug Fix: Multi Mode on, Pitch and Mod wheel data only transmitted on base channel
  • Bug Fix: Multi Mode on, if same note sent to both channels at same time, note on ignored on layer B
  • Bug Fix: Layer B sequencer not triggering from sequencer jack
  • Bug Fix: Local off, ARP OFF NRPN not sent to MIDI output
  • Bug Fix: Multi Mode on, Stack/Split on, note sent on base channel trigger layer B
  • Bug Fix: Unison on, Last Retrigger key mode, legato notes triggered late
  • Bug Fix: External sync on, Split on, gated sequencer not functioning on Layer B
  • Bug Fix: Pulse width of oscillator waveforms between voices improved

Main OS
  • Feature: Layer audition added. Located in Misc Params, use Edit B to change target layer, use Value/Program/Bank encoders to change programs.
  • Bug Fix: Additional encoder response improvement.
  • Bug Fix: VCA Level not reset on patch change.
  • Bug Fix: Gated Sequencer. Setting rest on a sequence with a reset point causes unexpected behavior.
  • Bug Fix: FX params wrap around when modulated. Also, negative modulation amounts do not decrease the feedback.

Main OS
  • Bug Fix: Improved encoder response.

Main OS
  • Bug Fix: OSC 1 frequency jumps to higher value when externally sync'd via MIDI DIN.

Main OS 1.0.5
  • Bug Fix: Pedal to LPF half/full range doubled.

Main OS 1.0.4
  • Bug Fix: Noise floor louder on one channel on all outputs.
  • Bug Fix: Mod wheel can continuously output values +/- 1 around currently set value.
  • Bug Fix: LFO/FX do not change frequency when sync'd, synth set to external clock, and BPM is changed.

Main OS 1.0.2
  • Feature: Added Global parameter #21 Foot Pedal Assign for easy pedal assignment.
  • Bug Fix: Setting the Mono/Stereo Global to Mono adding distortion to most effects.
  • Bug Fix: Screen saver not always activating properly.
  • Bug Fix: Adjusting master volume pot in Relative Pot Mode causes the parameter to become stuck at the maximum value.
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Re: Newest Prophet Rev2 OS - v1.1.0.1
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2017, 04:44:16 PM »
OS version has become the official OS, which is the most current release. No additional changes have been made beyond what's listed above.

You can download the OS from our website and view the update instructions here.
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Re: Newest Prophet Rev2 OS - v1.1.0.3
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2017, 02:57:44 PM »
BETA OS now available!
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