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Evolver / Re: Polychaing MEK with 2 desktop Evolvers
« Last post by buchlabum on Yesterday at 08:20:20 PM »
I lucked out!  The desktop Evo I got today is the latest OS.  Sent the banks from the MEK, and holy wowzers!  I can't wait for the 3rd voice to show up next week.  The MEK is almost a different synth when you can hear it's sounds in poly.  My PEK lust is starting to build...

Anyone else interested, I found a video on youtube that shows step by step (except for the waiting of sending banks) how to set up multiple desktop evolvers.
Prophet Rev2 / Re: Feature Requests
« Last post by Sleep of Reason on Yesterday at 08:20:13 PM »
your assumptions about ease of implementation do not automatically mean you are correct.
Thus the "seemigly" part. Now I could go on an entire esoteric rant about how categories have been systematically crucial since Plato, but then I would admittedly be derailing the thread.

Speaking to your specific request, it is possible to organize your programs yourself via the onboard copy/move/save functions
Excuse my ignorance, I was under the impression that factory banks are not editable since that's what the manual states right off the bat, which I took for unmovable. It's much more palpable knowing that those 512 factory presets (not to be confused with my 512 user presets) can also be ordered as well. Thanks for the kind & helpful info.
Evolver / Re: Polychaing MEK with 2 desktop Evolvers
« Last post by Sacred Synthesis on Yesterday at 08:00:32 PM »
If you're willing to invest a fair amount of money in Evolver Desktops, wouldn't it make more sense to buy a Poly Evolver Keyboard and have it all under one hood and without all the wires?
Other Hardware/Software / Re: U-he Repro 5, Prophet 5 clone: A/B test...
« Last post by jazzygb1 on Yesterday at 07:44:14 PM »
It's an excellent sounding plugin IMO and maps great to the knobs on the REV2 too. :)
Definitely one I'd recommend.
Other Hardware/Software / Re: KORG Prologue
« Last post by jazzygb1 on Yesterday at 07:24:28 PM »
I was really excited to hear about this.
First lets look at the positives...

1: Someone other than DSI is making a well built, true analogue synth with VCO's and bags of polyphony for under 2000! :)
2: it has 3 oscillators including one that can be user assigned.
3: It's bi-timbral
4: Voices can be layered and split, effectively giving you a 6 oscillators to craft a sound...nice. :)
5:Two displays (LED & OLED) for navigating the synth.
6: Analogue compressor on the 16 voice model
7: Two effects (1 mod effect, 1 delay/reverb) per voice
8: It's built using aluminium & oak and looks the business! :)

So far so good - but now for the negatives...

1: To get 16 voices you must buy the 5 octave synth - there's no way to upgrade an 8 voice model to 16 voices like there is with the REV2.
2: No aftertouch on the keyboard!!!! I mean ffs - really? That's an unforgivable omission on a supposedly 'flagship' analogue synth IMO.
3: Only 1 LFO. If I could change anything about my beloved Prophet 12 & Rev2 it'd be to have more LFO's and they already have 4, so offering only one LFO feels like a serious limitation to me - even my Studiologic Sledge has 2!
4: Despite being bi-timbral the Prologue has only a single stereo output, it does not have separate stereo outputs for each sound like the Rev2 & Prophet 12 do.
5: Voice spread and compressor only available on the more expensive 16 voice model.
6: Did I mention no aftertouch...I mean!!! :( 
7: No auxiliary envelopes

It's such a shame that Korg chose to impose needless limitations on the Prologue.
Sure it'll still be a good synth, but with a little more thought it could have been a great one.
Include aftertouch, more LFO's, a couple of aux envelopes and separate stereo outputs for the voices would have made a world of difference IMO

As it is, I'd be thinking I've paid 1700 for this and there's not even any bloody aftertouch!!!

Good to see Korg throwing their hat in the ring though - over to you DSI! :)
Other Hardware/Software / Re: MicroBrute2
« Last post by megamarkd on Yesterday at 06:55:58 PM »
Certainly a clever move to cater to the Eurorack scene, whether they will eventually introduce their own modules or not.

Well, yeah. Arturia had a strong presence in eurorack already, thanks to the Beat Step Pro being sort of the de facto standard eurorack controller, so they'll be able to leverage their brand quite well. I'd be surprised if a "Link" dock for BSP wasn't in the works. And Arturia is more mainstream ("mainstream" here meaning "found at Guitar Center") than most eurorack makers.

Oh no, this makes getting started with Eurorack way to easy. Now I will have to start getting modules ......  ;)

First of all, yes... yes you will. But also, it's always been this easy. See Tip Top Mantis or Make Noise Powered Skiff for things that you can just plop modules into and go. But now, like I said above, you'll probably be able to just drive to Guitar Center and pick up a eurorack case.

While I think that the 6U pricepoint is nice, I'm not so sure about the 3U at $300 USD. I'd go with the Make Noise Powered Skiff, which is a little bigger and a little less, unless I really really wanted it to be connected to a MiniBrute 2.

Deary, deary me, I'm already looking at my job list for the next month and seeing how I can squeeze the 6U version out of there.  It's been a long time coming and I think having skiffs for sale in the place I buy cables from is going to be the beginning of it all.  Living on an island tends to make even the cheap skiffs expensive and thin on the ground locally.  I like Arturia, even if they are now selling gateway drugs at the corner store ;)
Other Hardware/Software / Re: KORG Prologue
« Last post by megamarkd on Yesterday at 06:41:07 PM »
Sounds nice enough and will probably get a good uptake.  Don't see too many of the first 'logues on the 2nd hand market, which says something about the user base being happy with the instruments.

The raw oscillators are not bad.  Bi-timbrel is a welcome 'limitation' compared to the my fear that they were going to release paraphonic synth (why do I wind myself up so bad?)  A switchable filter slope would have been good.

Good onboard effects are welcome and expected from Korg really.  I don't think they were included to try to hide the oscillator quality, it's something that a flagship should have and they know that.  The display could have been a little better.  I'm not a fan of needing to use a computer to program stuff that could be done with few more lines and F buttons combined with the already present effects controls.  I've never needed a VU meter for an instrument compressor and feel it gives no information of any value whereas the wave display will at least help with FM and VPM programming.  Nice that Korg are telling us it's there and allowing us to control it to some extend I suppose, not like that chorus on some synths out of the 80's from a particular maker that are now classics.  I'm not dissing them for putting the compressor there, it's a nice thought, just don't think many will need to double check how much more beef they are getting if they turn up the gain and could have been a better spot for ratio and threshold cut-off knobs (as it's being touted as an LF comp).

Korg seem to be grooming a new generation with their new line of analogues.  They are all rather simple in terms of programming when compared to a DSI synth or any of Korg's flag-ship digital synths from the past and present.  I don't really get why they are as simple as they are, since every kid I've met getting into physical synthesisers is coming from a soft-synth background, though it also feels like the 'logues are being pushed at keyboard players/performers.  So if that is the case, why no aftertouch?  Mind boggling.

Then there is the non-traditional side of the machine that says no, this is a programmer's synth too.  By including a digital side that isn't VA/physical modelling and allowing for user waves, it brings features that were once niche to a wider user base.  Players who may have been scared of non-big brands now get to try modulating a sine wave with a home-made single-cycle wave.  Not going to get that out of a DM12.

Korg are not trying to sell to me this to me though.  They know I'm looking at the Prologue and thinking I want a modulation matrix/patchbay.
Korg have been nice to me over the years, they were my first synths and I learnt how to program on them.  If I didn't have them at the start, I'd not be looking for a little more on the modulations aspect of the Prologue.
I'm glad they are going to be a new generation's first synths too.  I remember what it felt like to need to look at the manual to know what the M1's envelopes extra bits were for on the day I got it, it's a humbling yet mind blowing experience.  Perhaps that is what Korg meant when they said it'd be "mind blowing"? (don't hate me for saying that, please!)
Evolver / Re: Any good wavetables out there?
« Last post by buchlabum on Yesterday at 05:30:06 PM »
One of these days I'll make some Buchla wavetables...
When I do, you will all know. 

I know I used to have a bunch of Buchla Easel wavetables.  I'll see if I can find them, but I fear they were lost in my great hard drive failure of 2016...
Evolver / Re: Polychaing MEK with 2 desktop Evolvers
« Last post by buchlabum on Yesterday at 05:27:38 PM »
Thanks Paul.
I got one of the Evo desktops today, wrapped in 1000 layers of bubblewrap so I can't check the serial.  Hopefully it's already been updated to the latest OS and I can hear what a two voice MEK sounds like tonight.  I really really wish I never sold my desktop...

DSI Newsline / Re: For Sale/Marketplace Information
« Last post by buchlabum on Yesterday at 05:24:29 PM »
I was just wondering about a buy/sell forum.  I think I bought up all the Evolver desktops I could find on the web and was hoping to find one or two more. 
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