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Tempest / Re: A message for Dave Smith : Tempest II
« Last post by muleskinner on Today at 01:12:17 AM »

I'd be a happy with a couple of very simple firmware tweaks to my Tempest 1 (not that that's ever going to happen)!

Seriously though, I think DSI got their fingers burnt a bit with the Tempest. The sequencer/firmware angle wasn't something they were really geared up to deal with properly. I suspect they'll be sticking with 'normal' synths from now on but I'd love to be proved wrong.

Anyway, the Tempest is now six years old or something and it still compares to anything being released now in my opinion. If you're into the synth angle as much as the drum machine angle there's really nothing to touch it. Pairing the Tempest with something that can sample and has a more sophisticated sequencer (e.g. Deluge, Octatrack, MPC Live) is a killer combo.
Other Hardware/Software / Re: KORG Prologue
« Last post by chysn on Today at 12:43:59 AM »
It's kind of stunning how similar the Prologue's voice architecture is to that of the Moog Little Phatty.

Two VCOs with shape control, octave control, and sync, a VCF with drive and EG intensity (or amount), one simple LFO with pitch, filter, and shape destinations and intensity (amount). The Little Phatty's modulation buss is a little more interesting (with VCO2 as a potential modulation source, and a couple more destinations), and the Prologue's digital VCO really brings quite a bit of complexity to a voice. The Little Phatty also lacks aftertouch.

It's a perfectly serviceable architecture with a long heritage, and it sounds like it's implemented well here. It's meant to be a real musical instrument instead of a groundbreaking piece of technology. You know, except for that whole section where it's a groundbreaking piece of technology.
Tempest / Re: Tempest (Original) Video Thread
« Last post by Steven Morris on Yesterday at 11:24:00 PM »
Jamming to a hip hop beat I created the same day for #jamuary2018

Nice! I noticed you're using your individual outs! Any special processing/mixing going on? I see the pedal there too -- I'm curious :)
Other Hardware/Software / Re: KORG Prologue
« Last post by Quai34 on Yesterday at 10:34:17 PM »
When I saw it, for me, it was "Well, they had just copied the P06" when they did the Minilogue is terms that they did a 4 VCo analog synth and now, they are just copying the Rev2...Fot the moment, and for the past few years, DSI has been leading in term of new "mind blowing synth" with huge capability at any price point, form 1500$ to 3000$...
Evolver / Re: Polychaing MEK with 2 desktop Evolvers
« Last post by Sacred Synthesis on Yesterday at 10:15:09 PM »
Hah!  Those racks are awful expensive these days - as expensive as the keyboards.  Otherwise, I'd probably buy a second one.  There's just nothing like and Evolver.  If they hold up over time, I think they'll be highly coveted synthesizers one day.
Prophet Rev2 / Re: Env 3 - sync to clock?
« Last post by Kai-vD on Yesterday at 10:07:19 PM »
Evolver / Re: Polychaing MEK with 2 desktop Evolvers
« Last post by buchlabum on Yesterday at 10:02:12 PM »
Don't miss the companion video.

Watched that while I was waiting for USPS.  Got real excited.

I had the desktop when it came out, but really disliked the interface.  The MEK makes a real nice UI to the desktop.

And your 12 voice Evolver videos showed how huge it could sound.  But you do know the max is 20....that's only 2 more PERs...   ;D
Other Hardware/Software / Re: KORG Prologue
« Last post by musicmaker on Yesterday at 08:41:59 PM »
From the manual it seems it can only send/receive Sysex patch to the edit buffer and not to a selected program. The other option is a whole bank dump. Not flexible. Hoped this would be able to do MPE and/or assign number of voices per layer. Not clear the effects are per layer or applied to both layers. The manual stated THE SUB MIDI CHANNEL cannot use the same MIDI channel as the main voice. So that makes one wonder if each layer is fixed to 8 voices on the 16 (4 on the 8 ) and not possible to use a single layer with 16 ? There is no CC or NRPN provided at all for the 2 layers lets not even talk about globals and effects.  Feeling a bit hopeless with so many new products on the market now with crippled MIDI implementations and/or documentation. .More reasons for the REV2 and that compared with features the price is a couple of $100 too high. (anyhow no one cares anymore what things are priced versus costs as long as it's cool) With economies of scale and scope Korg has they must be able to produce at lower rates (yes of-course they have more total overhead but what gives).
Evolver / Re: Polychaing MEK with 2 desktop Evolvers
« Last post by Sacred Synthesis on Yesterday at 08:40:10 PM »
Don't miss the companion video.
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