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Pro 2 / Sound keeps changing
« Last post by MILANM20 on Today at 07:25:57 PM »
Hey Guys. So does anyone know how to stop the sound changing everytime i press the key. I don't know whether it's the phase but every time i play it in paraphonic the sound changes everytime i hit the same key. I have used wave reset but still doesn't make a difference. Thanks!
Dave Smith Modular / Re: DIY Case
« Last post by chysn on Today at 07:14:44 PM »
Did I say "done?"

I took my synth apart and did a couple case-related projects this afternoon.

First, I installed a Faraday shield, enclosing the inside of the case with anti-RF fabric using copper tape. I've been fighting against an AM radio transmitter a few hundred meters from my house, which has been rough on my Pressure Points touch plates. The interference comes and goes throughout the day, depending the the synth's orientation and the weather. RF interference is a strange thing, and its behavior is hard to pin down. I should know over the next few days whether the shielding is doing any good.

The next project was to install a USB jack in the back of the instrument. This is to power low-draw devices like a lamp or the QuNexus. I spent an hour building a little voltage regulator circuit (7805 regulator and a pair of 10F capacitors). Then, Danjel at Intellijel pointed out that I already had a 5V connection inside my power supply, that isn't pictured on their website. So the USB connection was pretty bloody easy. As usual, the hard part was building the panel, because I don't have a good way to drill large-ish holes.
Tetra / Re: eXode patches for DSI Tetra
« Last post by Devine on Today at 07:05:07 PM »
Thank you for your generosity... 8)
Prophet 12 / Can I disable output B without removing the cable?
« Last post by Frocktar on Today at 05:42:39 PM »
 have mine racked up and run into patch bays so physically pulled the B outputs isn't a good option. 

There are times when I want everything to come out together and times when I do not, but I can not seem to find any setting to achieve this.

Prophet 12 / Re: Distortion amount?
« Last post by Frocktar on Today at 05:37:12 PM »
Sorry, I tried to delete this about 15 seconds after posting it as I found it on the Amplifier page.

Basically you have to design your sounds loud enough so you won't need any additional compression or gain to reach around 0db on your recordings..That way you have the most optimal signal to noise ration you can get..My levels (mixer,volume,velocity etc.) are all cranked up inside T..
As for mixing in your DAW -6db on your master it's the ideal for the headroom as idm suggested above ^
Prophet Rev2 / Re: Headphone Amp White Noise
« Last post by DHTech on Today at 01:07:47 PM »
Same issue on mine, white noise on the headphone out, main outs are clear!
sorted with the new firmware update :)
Prophet Rev2 / Out of Sync with Ableton
« Last post by DHTech on Today at 12:50:02 PM »
Not sure if this problem is because I haven't got the REV2 setup correctly, it's attached to my Mac via USB. I can play a midi clip that I've recorded in Ableton on my Virus TI and it's in time with my drum machine, when I try the same thing on the Rev2 it seem to be out of time! I haven't tried this via midi connections yet.
Prophet Rev2 / Re: Recall patch from panel?
« Last post by rjuliano on Today at 11:47:19 AM »
If you read what you just wrote then look at how elegantly this was handled on the original Prophet 08, do you honestly think this is an acceptable alternative?
How was this handled on the Prophet 08?  Never owned one and only have tried one for about 15 mins at a shop so I didn't really explore this feature.
Prophet Rev2 / Re: Recall patch from panel?
« Last post by vinnyburns on Today at 10:58:31 AM »
For the other one, you can compare knob values on screen already by using the Show and Compare functions. Press and hold the Misc Params button and turn a knob or press a button and the screen will display the current parameter value without altering it. If you wish to see what the original saved parameter value was, press the Compare button.

If you read what you just wrote then look at how elegantly this was handled on the original Prophet 08, do you honestly think this is an acceptable alternative?
Looking into all these bugs being reported and the things that have changed or been left out, I am glad I have held off and I don't think I will be buying this synth now. I still have my Pro 08 and love it. Having no way to copy layers between programs seems like a joke. Did any of you ever use the original Prophet 08? If you did, why would you omit these things that were brilliant about it?
On paper, this synth was going to be amazing. Such a shame :-(
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